Welcome to The Lawyers Law Firm (BD)


We are experts in any litigation i.e. cases before any court of law be that Bangladesh Supreme Court, Judges Court, Labour Court, Magistrates Courts etc. Practice areas include Litigation, HR & Employment issues, Divorce and family law issues, Child custody and Adoption, Banking & Finance, Company matter, Admiralty etc.

The specialty of our firm is that we always try to find out what is the desired outcome of the clients from the services we are rendering to them by the best advocate in Bangladesh; and we plan our course of action to meet the desired goal of the client and thus we i.e. Lawyer Law Firm (Bd) Bangladesh Law Firm and our client walk in the same path and try together to reach the common goal. 


What We Do?

Intellectual Property

We provide a wide array of legal services related to the establishment and protection of intellectual property rights. In addition to registration and assignment of patents, trademarks and designs, trademark and patent searches, our firm holds an impressive track record in enforcing and defending patent, trademark and copyright infringement claims.

Trade & Commerce

With the continual integration of Bangladesh into the global market, international as well as local trade and commerce of the nation is at its peak. Our clients in this sector, multinational organizations, local companies and sole proprietors, are among the highest tax-payers of the country. We advise domestic and international clients in all sectors of the economy including building, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, garments and textiles, pharmaceuticals and transport. Our practice covers the drawing up of general terms and conditions of trade and commercial contracts, as well as dealing with negotiated settlements and commercial litigation.

Banking & Financial Matters

The law firm deals with all types of securities, documentation, drafting and perfecting of the securities including insurance and marine insurance, as well as the litigation on all sorts of matters relating thereto, including drafting and reviewing of loan and security documents of all types of borrowers and other financial institutions; preparation of notices for the defaulting borrowers; drafting of banking and commercial documents and agreements, viz. all sorts of Syndicated Loan Agreements and related documents, Master Franchise Agreements, Loan Agreements, Pari-Passu Security Sharing Agreements, Agreements relating to online banking and electronic bill payments, etc.; giving legal opinion on banking and commercial issues and matters in relation to documentary credits. We are currently working as Panel Lawyer for  Al-Arafah Islami Bank, Padma Bank, Mercantile Bank,  National Bank, Social Islami Bank, Exim Bank & Bangladesh Commerce Bank. We also support clients in defending Artha Rin Adalat cases.


We provide specialized legal services in the sphere of taxation law and offer a wide range of services including customs and excise, tax structuring of mergers and acquisitions, structuring of private equity funds and transactions, exchange control, capital gains and tax structuring of corporations.

Corporate & Foreign Direct Investments

Corporate and commercial legal services, particularly in relation to foreign direct investments, constitute a major part of our practice. We have been involved in several of the country’s ground-breaking corporate and financial transactions, and advise listed and unlisted domestic, international and multi-national corporations, banks, financial institutions, industries and government departments.


We provide a full-service litigation experience for our clients with a high degree of expertise in Criminal and Civil Appeal, Writ Jurisdiction, Company Matters, VAT and Tax issues. We specialize in Company Cases, Commercial Cases and Property Disputes.

Property Vetting

We have good experiences working for Banks and Developer Companies for     property vetting. We do extensive checking as to chain of ownership, local diligence, record verification etc.

Telecommunications & Broadcasting

We have extensive experience in advising and acting for clients in the telecommunications and broadcasting sector, ranging from mergers and acquisitions, general regulatory advice, data protection, licensing and compliance. We advise the leading telecommunication brand of the country in the context of particular transactions as well as litigation and regulatory obligations.

Labour and Employment

We represent state-owned enterprises, local government institutions, development corporations as well as major listed and unlisted domestic and international corporations, benefits schemes and employers’ organizations in the field of employment law. Our areas of expertise include dispute resolution and litigation, restructuring and retrenchment planning, employment discrimination, and the development and drafting of wide ranging policies, procedures and employment contracts, restraints of trade, and all existing employment related legislation.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

The Firm believes that the amicable settlement or settlement out of the court is the best solution for its clients with the view to save cost, time and effort of its clients. It represents its clients before all sorts of arbitration, mediation, negotiation and before the table of amicable settlement to protect and secure the best interest of its clients.

Family Law

Family team provides top-quality legal advice at competitive prices. Our lawyers are experienced across the full range of family law matters – including marriage, divorce and separation etc. We provide an intelligent, focused legal service. Our firm provides the best possible advice and representation and access to the highest caliber legal expertise without extravagant costs.